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PTI Labels

SI Solutions is the leading supplier of cutting edge container labels that exceed Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) guidelines. Adoption of PTI which currently comprises major outlets like Walmart, Whole Foods, IFCO, and Tosca will be expanding in the coming years. We work in lockstep with the Produce Marketing Association,  Canadian Produce Marketing Association, GS1 US, and United Fresh Produce Association to design our PTI label solutions. As momentum for PTI spreads, SI Solutions can be a key partner to your supply chain adoption of this standard.

PTI LabelsPTI is critical to the world’s food supply chain but also key to your bottom line. The ability to track country of origin, travel history, shipment temperature fluctuations, & typical product SKU numbers makes PTI powerful by identifying and alleviating problems in your supply chain.

  • 4 X 2 thermal transfer

  • 3.2 mil Indestructible FDA approved polypropylene synthetic film

  • Label will withstand Ice water bath and all temperature exposures

  • Exceptional bar code printing and scanning in wet applications

  • Wax boxes, returnable product containers (RPCs), and wooden crates are all approved surface applications

  • Adhesive is FDA compliant and leaves no residue

SI Solutions' proprietary PTI labels are economical, extremely rugged, and built to scale for high volume operations.  Our clients are seeing tremendous cost savings after their initial investment to integrate PTI within their supply chain. We can help you explore the switch to PTI by developing a comprehensive adoption plan that fits your business. Simply provide us with your contact information and we’ll show you how the SI Solutions experience is unrivaled.


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