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At SI Solutions, we pride ourselves in having the best of the best sales and support organization which has enabled us to achieve outstanding results for our clients, our employees and our stakeholders.  We feel that our vehicle is the best around for what we do.  And we intend to continue growing with our clients.

Meet Jeff Chaplin. His three decades of industry experience has backed up his strong belief that continuous improvements are critical to your success as well as ours. We all know, technology changes everything!

“I really enjoy working for SI Solutions. The commitment that our team has for exceeding expectations and never compromising shows how we work for our clients to guarantee response time and deliverables.”

If you would like to join our team, and are ready for a thrilling career with a company that truly cares, send us your information.  We are always interested in seeking new individuals for sales, sales support, and operations.  Send us your resume, your social media name (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc...), a summary of your accomplishments, and your career goals. We will evaluate your strengths and determine if you fit our high customer service standards.

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